Growing up in Seattle, Washington exposed me to a variety of cultures, and different forms of artistic expression. But when I learned about the process of making computer art and animation, I was immediately sold on the meticulous control over details. Attending the Virtual Technology and Design Program at the University of Idaho helped me refine my technical understanding of 3D modeling and animation, but more importantly, taught me to appreciate how the underlying beauty of all visuals lies in the storytelling. After college, I worked as an indoor modeler for Google Maps for two years, and learned a great deal about architecture. More recently, I was hired as a 3D Artist on Microsoft's Minecraft art team, and then 8ninths, a small startup focused on applying virtual reality to fields beyond gaming.


Design Philosophy


Art is storytelling. When I set out to design a character, an evironment, or a full composition, I do so knowing that its true beauty lies in the deeper meaning. Fortunately, the wonderful thing about storytelling is that something as simple as a wooden crate can tell that story if the details are done right. An artist should see every facet of their virtual world as an opportunity to add something, from the mundane to the important. This mindset drives my passion for creative thinking at every step of the process, and continues to help me discover new inspiration with every new piece.

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